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What a super weekend in Oulu Nord and Oulu Int.

Both days have almost 3000 dogs entered.


Helios and Janette did a wonderful job at both days!


Saturday Helios was placed second in best in show competition and sunday Helios was third in best in show.


Many thanks to the judges!


Atiboz 2019 Romania

Kaiffarin Fiorentina

(Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x Kaiffarin Derby)

intermedia class 4.


WW Yangoviper’s How You Treams come True

 (Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x WW Yangovipers Can You Believe)

baby puppy class 4.


WW Yangovipers Hot so What

(Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x WW Yangovipers Can You Believe)

baby puppy class 4.


Congratulations all breeders and owners !





What a amazing day at Lahti international dog show (4100 dog entered)


Helios della Cappastorta!




Suomen bokseriyhdistyksen Pohjanmaan alaosasto palkitsi

BH RTK4 TK1 Bestbox Hola Catalinan Vuoden Rally-tokokoirana 2018!

Onnea Kirsi Oja!



 Calvinin jälkeläisiä syntynyt kennel WW Yangoviper'siin.

3 keltaista urosta ja 4 keltaista narttua


Calvin's offspring has been born in kennel WW Yangoviper's.

3 fawn males, 4 fawn females.



The Grand Old Lady

Bestbox Bonita de Luna 10 years!




video Pirkko Dima


kuva Janette Bergstén

kuva Janette Bergstén

 1.11.2018 The Finnish Kennel Club Veteran of the Year 2018 #10 of all breeds #1 veteran FCI group2 Grand old lady Bestbox Bonita de Luna (Liberia avis Zenit x Bestbox Angel Face) Handler Janette Bergstén Gongrats owners Eija & Hannu! The Finnish Kennel Club Show Dog Of The Year 2018 #1 in FCI group 2 #16 shared placement in All Breeds CIE DKCh LVCh LTCh EEJCh LVJCh LTJCh BaltJCh EUJW-15,HeW-15 HeJW-15 JW-15 BaltJW-15,NordW-16,DKW-16 HeW-16 V-16 HeW-17 V-17 NordW-17 Calvin Klein della Cappastorta ”Calvin” (Sat’Elit van Helsing x Amy della Cappastorta) Handler Janette Bergstén Breeder Milos Krivokapic
1.5.2018 Calvin's offspring were born in kennel Comistus 3 fawn males, 1 white male, 3 fawn females (Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x Bestbox Infinita Aqua Cara)
22.4.2018 LT Champion Bestbox Jefa Amorcita (Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x Bestbox Gran Chavala) Big thanks my dear Tuija Rautakorpi-Visakoivu! Congrats owner Jaana !
28.4.2018 Calvin's offspring were born in kennel Wandoris 1 brindle male, 2 fawn males, 1 white female (Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x Bluefreund Hurmaava Hertta)
10.4.2018 Welcome to Finland Helios della Cappastorta!
2.4.2018 Bestbox Karma Oscura 15 months (Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x Bestbox Hola Fatima) RTK1 Congrats owner Kirsi Oja
11.3.2018 Palkitut 2017 SBY Vuoden näyttelybokseri Calvin ESR Vuoden näyttelybokseri Calvin SBY Kasvattajamalja Calvin SBY Vuoden veteraani Luna ESR Vuoden veteraani Luna SBY Tampere ao. Vuoden näyttelybokseri Calvin SBY Pohjanmaa ao. Vuoden näyttelybokseri Luna SBY Pohjanmaa ao. Vuoden veteraani Luna SBY Vuoden siitosuros Calvin ESR Vuoden siitosuros Calvin SBY Vuoden tokokoira Lina SBY Pohjanmaa ao Vuoden tokokoira Lina
7.3.2018 Pentuja syntynyt kennel Tenteniin Calvin Klein della Cappastorta x Tenten Pocahontas


11.2.2018 Luna 9,5 years old and still going strong @VeteranOfVeterans Gala She is unstoppable! She was # Top 4 out of all invited Veterans under Mrs Orietta Zilli What a girl she is, always made me so proud!!

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